James Crawford Filed $10 Million Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

James M. Crawford filed a $10 million federal civil rights lawsuit against DA investigator Dillon P. Alley “brutally and viciously” assaulted him in a courthouse hallway on March 9, 2016 after the two squabbled about interviewing a witness.

California Attorney General’s Office Declared they Conducted an Investigation

California Attorney General’s office declared they conducted “a thorough and independent investigation” that left them baffled about who was the aggressor deserving criminal charges: unwounded DA investigator Dillon Alley or pummeled lawyer James Crawford.
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Released Security Footage of Alarmed Observers Reactions

Newly released security footage displayed the reaction of alarmed observers who saw last week’s courthouse beating, but Orange County Superior Court officials say their cameras did not capture the beating itself. Alley slammed Crawford’s head into a bench, placed him in a headlock and “pounded the shit out of him,” according to Steering.

California Attorney General States They Will Review to File Charges

The California Attorney General stated they would review whether to file charges following allegations that a district attorney’s office investigator attacked and pummeled a defense lawyer in Santa Ana’s downtown Courthouse.
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Investigator Dillon Alley Viciously Attacked Criminal Defense Attorney

District Attorney investigator, Dillon Alley, viciously attacked a criminal defense attorney in Orange County who was recently awarded a new trial for his client after exposing yet another instance of misconduct (following the recent exposure of systematic misconduct) within the District Attorney’s office.
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